My research deals with social interaction in ordinary, professional and institutional settings, within an ethnomethodological and conversation analytic perspective. I am interested in how linguistic resources are not only used but also configured and transformed in interaction, as well as in how the situated and endogenous organization of social interaction draws on multimodal resources such as, beside language, gesture, gaze, body posture, body movements and objets manipulations. My work has explored a diversity of settings (surgical theatres, architectural practices, meetings in multinational companies, family interactions, encounters in public spaces, call centres, etc.) and a range of sequential and praxeological phenomena, studied on the basis of video recordings of naturally occurring activities. The results of my research have been elaborated in a number of research projects (funded by EU, ANR/France and SNF/Switcherland) in the last decades and have been published in the Journal of Pragmatics, Discourse Studies, Language in Society, Research on Language and Social Interaction and in various co-edited books (among others Knowledge in Interaction, with T. Stivers and J. Steensig, CUP, 2011; Mobility in Interaction, with P. Haddington and M. Nevile, De Gruyter, 2012) and special editions (among others Assessments in Social Interaction, a special issue of Research on Language and Social Interaction, 42 : 4, 2009, with A. Lindström).

Here are some of my research topics:

- the organization of social interaction

- multimodality

- grammar as it is shaped by situated practices

- workplace interactions

- a methodology centred on the collection and transcription of audio-video data

And here are some of the research projects I have worked on.