The organization of social interaction

My research interests focus on the organization of interaction, as it can be documented through video and audio recordings of naturally occurring social practices.

Inspired by conversation analysis, ethnomethodology, and workplace studies, my work investigates the practices by which participants accomplish the organization of turns at talk, sequences and activities in a situated, mutually achieved, emerging, finely tuned way.

Following Harvey Sacks' inspiration, I take into consideration both sequential organization as well as the organization of membership categorization. I have been working on a variety of contexts and practices, ranging from ordinary conversations to institutional talk in interaction to workplace interactions, including not only ‘native' speaker interactions, but also lingua franca, plurilingual, and second language talk.

In all these cases, I am interested both in describing the interactional practices by which social activities are accomplished and the linguistic and multimodal resources participants both exploit and shape for organizing these practices in a locally situated manner.