Video equipment has become more and more available, facilitating the documentation of social practices and talk in interaction. This allows us to show how participants organize their interactions by orienting to a rich range of multimodal resources : gestures, gaze, facial expressions, head movements, body postures, and body movements. I am interested in the role of these details in the organization of talk and conduct, and more precisely in the finely tuned temporal coordination between participants' actions, both in terms of sequentiality and of simultaneity.

Taking into account multimodal resources invites us to take into consideration the manipulation of various material objects, documents and technical artefacts within interaction. This in turn highlights new possible analyses of practices such as reading or writing a text, looking at a map or an image, or using the computer, as these activities are collectively accomplished.

Moreover, taking into account participants' bodies, I am studying the way in which interactional space is constantly configured and changed through the arrangements of the participants, their mutual orientations and their gaze patterns within the unfolding of interaction.